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“Quality In Everything We Do”

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Celebrating 23 Years

A & Associates, Inc is a WMBE Company founded in 2003.

Our Philosophy

We demand: “Excellence in Everything We Do.” Our employees understand this philosophy is embedded in every business process, every customer engagement.

Quality People

A & Associate invests heavily in training and inspiring our employees to carry-out the values built-in to our success.

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Our Company Culture
propels us to deliver
high quality.

Our Mission

Guided by a unique culture and entrepreneurial spirit, our philosophy is made up of our mission and values.

Committed to Support

To support of our mission and values to our employees and clients, we require all security officers, supervisors, managers and owners to carry a Mission and Values Card with them at all times. This card serves as a reminder to: apply our company principles in our everyday working enviroments; how to work together based on our philosophies;  how to provide the best value to our external customers – you!

Hallmarks of A&A Security

We work tirelessly to deliver five hallmarks that differentiate us from our competitors and create an opportunity to provide unique, high quality service.

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Since 2003

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About Us

A & Associates, Inc., a WMBE company founded in 2003 by Andrew Luchey provides industry-leading staffing and security services to a wide range of private and government clients.