About Us

Our Staffing and Security Agency

A & Associates (A&A) was founded in 2003 by Mr. Andrew Luchey with the goal of achieving sustained, long-term success. In order to obtain this objective, it was necessary to establish an outstanding reputation for the services we provide. A&A is based on “Quality In Everything We Do”. Our firm is structured into five business areas that fall under two major divisions: A&A Staffing and A&A Security. Both divisions work seamlessly together permitting our undeniable success. This has allowed us to become one of the largest “people” providers in the State of Florida.

A&A Staffing focuses on screening, recruiting, job placement and career development while A&A Security concentrates on security officer licensure, roving and patrolling security guard needs as well as property protection. As a group, both divisions have acquired a portfolio of extensive projects including services rendered to city and county municipalities, educational institutions, not-for-profit organizations and Fortune 500 firms. We are mostly proud of the solutions and programs implemented to assist our fellow small businesses with their staffing and security guard needs. This company is a result of hard work and dedication.

With more than three (3) offices in the State of Florida and hundreds of employees that represent us daily, A&A is a company that can be trusted to provide our services with minimal supervision in a manner that is likely to avoid a negative impact on our customer’s productivity. Leading by example, A&A remains keen to deflecting impending issues that have the potential to bubble to the surface and create dispute. The entire team adheres to a client-first service model to gain both the respect and trust of the one we serve. All employees maintain a high standard of professionalism and conflict resolution. This unique blend of expertise translates into a proven ability to successfully help the employees and clients we serve each day.

Mission Statement

We strive to enable clients to operate and conduct business while we provide staffing or security services tailored to meet their ever-changing personnel needs.

Meet our Founder

Andrew Luchey


Motto: “Quality In Everything We Do”

As President of A&A, Mr. Luchey is proud to lead this highly respected, award winning agency that specializes in offering quality staffing and security guard services.

Prior to establishing A&A, Mr. Luchey developed a unique blend of leadership, managerial, and entrepreneurial skills that allow him to align operations with strategy to coerce successful results. Launching new programs and services, establishing an outcome-based organizational culture and creating meaningful business collaborations are just a few of the methods Mr. Luchey has employed over his long and successful career.

Mr. Luchey has made partnerships over the years with organizations that help fulfill his goal of providing superior services. He has been featured in newspaper articles, roundtable discussions and other trade publications highlighting the efforts of our minority firm. Mr. Luchey graduated with a bachelor’s of art in Business Administration. He has represented corporations and organizations in a multitude of markets including, finance and insurance, professional, procurement, printing, healthcare and government.

Outside of the office, Mr. Luchey serves on a variety of boards and he enjoys coaching little league football and basketball.