Our Divisions

A & Associates (A&A) is comprised of two major divisions: A&A Staffing and A&A Security. Functioning as industry experts has allowed us to become a trusted source of high-quality professional services. There are not many projects our managerial team has not gained experience in fulfilling. Whether it’s a Secretary that is needed for assistance in a small office or a security guard that may be required to fulfill access control at a large special event, when you work with A&A, services will exceed expectations and be unlike any other agency.

A&A Staffing

A&A Staffing serves hundreds of clients and job seekers throughout the State of Florida. We are always seeking diverse candidates to work with us and fill our customer’s staffing needs. We have a proven track record of precisely meeting client expectations in light of various hiring challenges all companies deal with. We are skilled in placing large groups of employees, high level executives, technical and industry specific specialist, unskilled occupations and the list goes on... As a temporary staffing agency our focus is people. We strive to identify, screen and support the highest quality of job seekers to then match these individuals with clients in need of personnel. Understanding your unique business needs and then supplying you with right candidate is what sets us apart from the competition. Our staffing services are tailored to client and employee needs and include, but is not limited to the following:


Temporary Staffing

A&A Staffing works hard to identify and meet the temporary staffing needs of businesses and job seekers. We fill assignments for special projects, the seasonal rush, employee vacations, unexpected job vacancies and many other circumstances that permit our assistance.


This program allows candidates to experience firsthand the job requirements, environment and unique culture of a new job opportunity. The candidate remains our employee during the trial period until the customer is ready to extend an offer.

Direct Hire

Direct Hire is available for clients who are seeking to fill an opening for a regular full time employee, but does not have the resources to review countless applications and resumes. This no risk solution allows you the option to select from a narrow pool of pre-screened and qualified candidates and there is never any obligation to hire.

On-Site Management/Support

A&A Staffing eliminates expenses and frustration with managing a workforce. Our Recruiters and Staffing Managers work closely with customers to handle the day-to-day management of all temporary employees and keep quality candidates ready to meet your needs

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A&A Staffing was founded on the fundamentals of effective recruiting and staffing. A&A Staffing provides the best selection of fully qualified and thoroughly vetted candidates to fill their positions efficiently, effectively and with total confidence.